Coffin Nachtmahr inspires us with his story of how a simple toy changed his life.  “Throw” is a video documentary from Early Light Media.  [Editor’s Note: As with all media content provided within On2In2™, this video is intended for adult audiences, not children. The dialogue in “Throw” contains some expletives.]


First invented by the ancient greeks, the yo-yo went down & up, and that was it— until 1928.  That’s when Pedro Flores, founder/owner of the Yo-yo Manufacturing Company, introduced his ‘looped slip-string’ design modification.  A simple twist, but it changed the game by boosting variety in movement and spin, and started the yo-yo modern era.  New technology and designs in yo-yo body shape, type and mechanism have continued to transform the yo-yo over the last four decades, enabling throwers to create and perform more and more amazing tricks.  More tricks adds to the challenge and the fun, but a big-time throw is not all about the yo-yo, is it?

Mastery of the yo-yo takes some know-how and practice.  Best to start with the basics:  Click/Tap the link “How to use a Yo-Yo” for a 12-step instruction.  The Yomega Power Brain XP * yo-yo is designed for beginner & intermediate play, includes instructions, and priced at less than $15 (10/1/2016).

        Yomega gift set* includes 3 classic yo-yo’s (beginner, expert & pro level) plus instructional DVD.

* If you purchase a yo-yo via a link within this page, Zeester Media LLC may receive a small commission. This in no way affects the price you pay for the purchase.


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Feature photo is a screen shot of Throw video

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