Why run a marathon?  Since the ancient Egyptians, there has been long distance racing, and today, countless marathons take place around the world.  Some people run a marathon for exercise and others for the competition or personal challenge.

Johnnie Jameson, a Vietnam War veteran and US Postal Service employee, runs to heal, and he’s been running the LA Marathon since 1986, earning him the title of ‘Legacy Runner’.  Mr. Jameson shares his story and explains his unusual backwards running style in Mile 19, a short documentary video by Big Pup Film.


English long distance runner and marathon world champion, Paula Radcliffe, finds beauty in running, and believes it’s a gift as well as an art– a way of expressing yourself.  Take a run with Paula, and listen as she shares her thoughts about running.


And, there are those that just love the feeling of that runner’s high and get hooked on testing the limits of their bodies.

An ultramarathon (aka ultra running & ultra distance) is any foot race longer than a traditional marathon distance (26.2 miles/42.2 kilometers).  There are two types of ultramarathon events: distance (the winner runs a specific distance in the shortest amount of time) and time (the winner runs the most distance in a specific amount of time). Ultra distances are typically 50 kilometres (31.1 mi), 100 kilometres (62.1 mi), 50 miles (80.5 km), and 100 miles (160.9 km), but distances as well as race courses and terrain vary.  Timed ultramarathon events range from hours (6, 12 & 24 hours) to days (known as multi-day or stage race events).  Self-supported ultramarathon stage races where each ultrarunner must carry all supplies needed to survive the race, including food, are considered the most demanding.

If you’re serious about this extreme sport, the training requires intense dedication.  In the short video Ultra Man, Robbie Britton talks about his mindset and why he does it.


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Run Mama Run is an inspired story about an athlete's determination to train and not give up on a dream despite obstaclesFollow Sarah Brown as she trains for US Olympic trials in the short video documentary series, Run Mama Run.  You’ll be inspired by her story of determination and family.





From the Tennessee River, to the base of Lookout Mountain, and through the downtown district, the Erlanger Chattanooga Marathon reaches all four corners of the Chattanooga, Tennessee main metropolitan area.  Runners can choose from either the full (26.2 miles) or half (13.1 miles) marathon, team relay (teams of 2-4 run 26.2 mile course) or the Classic 150 5K (3.1 miles).  If you missed the 2018 Erlanger Marathon on March 4, there’s still time to watch a video recording.  Just  click/tap the “Watch Again” button or select from the video posts on the media player below ↓


The Classic 150 5K is 3.1 mile course designed by race organizers for local and regional runners, as well as friends and family of visiting marathon runners, with a few simple goals in mind: Be safe, Be flat, Be fast, and Be a Ton of Fun!  It’s my kind of racing!  Maybe yours, too.  If you missed the live stream broadcast of the Classic 5K Run on Saturday, March 3, there’s still time to watch a video recording of the competition.  Just click/tap the “Watch Again” button on the video player below ↓


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Feature photo is courtesy of Martins Zimlickis, Unsplash CC0

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