This “More Than Just Parks” video, Voyageurs 8K, is a Pattiz Brothers Film, produced by Sea Raven Media.  It was filmed during a few weeks time spent at Voyageurs National Park, Minnesota USA.  The views are breathtaking, and will take you to a wonderful place.  Watch in full screen and use earphones for the ultimate experience.


After eight decades of public and legislative contention, 218,054 acres of the lake country of northern Minnesota were established a US national park in 1975, “Voyageurs National Park”.  The name of the park is in recognition of the legendary French-Canadian “voyageurs” canoe men hired by trading companies to transport trade goods and furs in the area during the 18th and 19th centuries. It’s a beautiful park with landscape, geology, wildlife and history creating an exceptional outdoor setting for an awe-inspiring visitor experience and year-round recreation.

There are 30 park lakes (40% of the area), providing open water for boating, canoeing and kayaking from mid-spring through mid-fall, and fishing throughout the year (ice fishing in winter).  The eco-rich landscape and diversity of wildlife offer opportunities for hiking, birding (over 240 species, including bald eagles and osprey), and nature walks while the northern latitude location and dark skies make for excellent stargazing and a chance to see the Milky Way and northern lights. During winter months, the park becomes a frozen wonderland—perfect for snowshoe and cross-country skiing as well as snowmobiling over 110 miles of maintained trails.

Watch the Natural Beauty channel, an On2In2™ collection of short videos, including other More Than Just Parks films.  It’s a great way to escape for a few minutes, and start planning your next outdoor excursion.

There are more than 400 US national parks available to everyone, every day.  Most are free to enjoy, and the 117 that charge an entry fee offer fee-free days throughout the year.


The cone vent, Pu'u O o, of the Kilauea volcano, HawaiiLocated on the Island of Hawaii (the Big Island) in the Hawai’i Volcanoes
National Park, Kīlauea is one of the most active volcanoes on planet Earth,
and the fire goddess really puts on a big show.  You’ve got to see it.




This artifact of ancient American Native culture is located in Upper Mule Canyon of Comb Ridge in Bears Ears National Monument in Utah.

See the historic natural beauty of Bears Ears National Monument
in the high desert country of southeastern Utah.




Voyageurs National Park Information/Resources:
The Heart of the Continent“, Voyageurs – National Park Minnesota
Voyageurs National Park Association
Find Your Park – Use the search tools on this website to find the perfect place to visit   


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The feature photo is a screen shot taken from the “Voyageurs” video

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