This short documentary video focuses on the life of Josh Spencer, owner and operator of “The Last Bookstore”, located in downtown Los Angeles.  Watch and you’ll discover that Josh and his bookstore are nothing short of remarkable.

Despite closures of mega bookstore chains as well as small independents and the rise of eBooks and online shopping, Josh was able to develop his passion for books into a successful business buying, selling, and trading books from a brick and mortar retail space.  Since 2005, The Last Bookstore has become the largest book and record store in California and one of the largest independent bookstores in the world.  There are over 250,000 new and used books on two floors, including an art & rare book annex, and tens of thousands of vinyl records and graphic novels.  Most importantly, Josh enjoys the work (not easy to sort and organize thousands of books every day), and he’s created a unique place for the printed word to thrive and book lovers to explore.

Josh’s story, however, is about more than books and the business of book selling.  It’s also about personal challenges, changing lives, facing failure, and finding the courage to overcome great adversity. Yes, all that in just 11½ minutes!  A gripping reminder that success in business and life requires the ability to “re-adjust” to dire circumstances.


I think books are going to become sort of like vinyl is now: the province of people who appreciate things that are well made, appreciate craft in graphics and creativity they can feel.Josh Spencer


Despite predictions of the inevitable death of independent bookstores, many are alive and doing quite well. The bookstore scene around the world is mixed, but they’re still treasured in communities, and in a number of European countries, independent counts have remained consistent in the last decade.  For example, France, where laws protect against predatory pricing, bookstores in Paris can be found just about every other city block, including the famous English-language shop “Shakespeare and Company”, open 7 days a week.


Inspired to browse a local bookstore?

Use Indie Bookstore Finder to locate US independent bookstores in your area

In the UK, try the search tools at Local Bookshops

Find a bookshop in Australia via the Australian Booksellers Association online search


If you find yourself wandering the streets of an unfamiliar place, look for these unique bookstores:

Powys, Wales, Hay-on-Wye (small village on the border between England and Wales is “world renowned for books and bookshops”)

Porto, Portugal, Livraria Lello (a beautiful bookstore with a long history)

Mumbai, India, Trilogy  

Wellington and Auckland, New Zealand, Unity Books 

Buenos Aires, Argentina, El Ateneo Grand Splendid (Early 20th century theater, turned bookshop, and one of the most beautiful book shops in the world)

Venice, Italy – Libreria Acqua Alta (The “high water bookshop” you must see to believe)

Milan, Italy – Corso Como (a mix of art, architecture and fashion)

Lisbon, Portugal – Ler Devagar (a large space located in former printing shop, LX Factory)

Budapest, Hungary – Massolit

Mexico City, Mexico – El Pendulo


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Bookstore photo, courtesy of Glen Noble/Unsplash

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