The Tiger’s Milk Winter Classic is held each year at Surfers Corner in Muizenberg, South Africa, and it’s a wildly popular longboarding contest with plenty of action expected at this year’s event (June 8-10, 2018), including various categories of Open Men’s & Women’s Longboard, Open Men’s & Women’s Shortboard, Over 40 Longboard, and U23 Men’s & Women’s Longboard.

If you missed the live stream broadcast of the 2018 Tiger’s Milk Winter Classic, you can watch video recordings of the competition.  Just click/tap the “Watch Again” button or select from video posts on the media player below ↓


The Big Wave Tour is big and dangerous, and scaring just watching these amazing athletes take such risks.FREE To WATCH big wave surfing videos, including the amazing world record Big Wave towed-in ride on an 80′ (24m) wave by Rodrigo Koxa (Guaruja, São Paulo, Brazil) at Nazaré, Portugal on November 8, 2017.


Surfing the Great Lakes is not easy, but also no impossible.See what it takes to catch a wave in the icy cold waters of the Great Lakes in this short video documentary “On Days Like These We Must Surf”.



Great videos of great surfers doing their thing around the world.WATCH great surfing and stories on the “Cranking Surf” video channel, a collection of On2In2™ favorite short videos FREE &  On-Demand



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