Squash, a racket sport played by two (singles) or four players (doubles) in a four-walled court with a small rubber ball, began more than 150 years ago in England.  Today, squash is played in 185 countries by 20 million people on nearly 50,000 courts, and it’s one of the fastest growing racket sports in the US.

In a game of squash, players take turns hitting the ball to the front wall in such a way as to try to make the ball impossible to play, or force an error, by the opponent.  The ball can only bounce once on the floor, but it can hit any of the other walls.  After each shot, a player must get out of the way of both the ball and the opposition.  Eleven (11) points are needed to win a game, with the best of three or five games winning the match.  [ Learn Squash Basics & Learn to Play, Squash New Zealand ]


The 2018 FISU World University Squash Championship has been hosted around the world every second year for the last two decades, and this year’s Championship competition was hosted by Birmingham UK in September 2018.  Watch the world’s best university players compete in individual and team events.

If you missed the live stream broadcast, there’s still time to watch video recordings of world championship individual and team finals.  Just click/tap the “Watch Again” button located on the media players below ↓


The North Coast Open was first held in 2003, and is now regarded by players as one of the best events on the Squash Australia Tour.  Adding to the excitement this year — The Roberts & Morrow 2018 North Coast Open (August 30 – September 2) is a Professional Squash Association (PSA) Challenger Tour world qualifying event for 2018-19 with winner gaining automatic entry into the 2019 World Championships in Chicago USA.

If you missed the live stream broadcast, there’s still time to watch video recordings of the competition.  Just click/tap the “Watch Again” button or select from the video posts on the media player below ↓

The Henderson Squash Club, Auckland, New Zealand was host to the 2018 New Zealand Senior National Individual Championships (June 15-17) — the most prestigious event on the Squash New Zealand calendar.  And, this year’s championships attracted over 160 competitors from around New Zealand and the world, including world top 10 ranked New Zealand players, Paul Coll and Joelle King.

If you missed the live stream broadcast of the competition, there’s still time to watch video recordings.  Just click/tap the “Watch Again” button or select from the video posts located on the media player below ↓



Professional women squash traveled to Aukland, New Zealand for a winner take all cash prize at the Women’s PSA Classic 2018.  If you missed the live broadcast, you can watch a video recording of tournament play.  Just click/tap the “Watch Again” button or select from the video posts located on the media player below ↓ You can catch up on results and tournament main draw bracket → here


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