User Guide

“Engage” identifies On2In2™ social network tools that enable you to communicate and connect with people who share similar interests in hobby, sport and recreation.  It’s pretty cool—you can create a profile, post comments and activity updates, share photos & video, send messages to other On2In2™ registered users, find friends, and join & create special interest groups (e.g., Zola created the “Flabby Wine Club” for sharing personal wine tasting notes, info & recommendations).  Get in2 the fun and socialize by registering → (here).   [Recommend you review “Acceptable Use” requirements and conditions stated in Terms of Service prior to registration.]

If you’d like to expand your engagement with On2In2™ fun seekers by writing original articles for publication on this website as a contributing member of On2In2™, please let us know.  Would be great to hear from you.   ⇒ Contact On2In2™

In order for On2In2™ social networking to be a good experience for everyone, we’ve got to have a few rules:

  • Do not provide false, deceptive, or misleading profile information. User contact information provided On2In2™ must be accurate and up-to-date. Do not register more than one user account.
  • No inflammatory language, name-calling, obscenities, ridicule, insults, harassment, or threats in any communications or postings. Do not post sexual materials or images.
  • It’s very much OK to include within posts and comments an informational link to a website or source you believe could be helpful to your On2In2™ friends, but — No promotional posting, commercial advertising, or solicitation of funds allowed, and absolutely do not include links within your user profile, post, message or comment with the primary purpose to drive traffic to your blog, website or social media page. [If you want to promote yourself or advertise via On2In2™ services, please contact On2In2™ so that we can talk about how best to work together and get your message out to the On2In2™ universe.]
  • Respect other On2In2™ user requests and group guidelines. Do not hassle, pester, game or spam anyone in any way, shape or form. Do not post personal information or links to social media profiles of private individuals.
  • Do not try to monopolize discussions by repeatedly posting identical or substantially similar comments.
  • Respect the law and the personal and proprietary rights of others, including intellectual property, privacy, and publicity rights. Avoid posting any material (photo, video, text) that may violate a copyright.
  • Don’t try to break the On2In2™ website, do anything that may interfere with normal use of the website, nor engage in illegal behavior of any kind.

If a user violates a provision of the On2In2™ Terms of Service, these user rules, or is otherwise disrespectful, disruptive, or participating in illicit conduct, On2In2™ reserves the right to take action as deemed appropriate by On2In2™, in its sole discretion, at any time and without prior warning, including but not limited to: delete the user account; suspend the user account; remove user profile content, posts, comments or any other material within the On2In2™ website.