Sancerre is a French wine AOC (controlled designation of origin) for wine produced in the Sancerre geographical area, located in the eastern part of the Loire Valley.  It is well known today for the Sauvignon blanc grape that comes from vines planted after a phylloxera epidemic late in the late 19th century wiped out the majority of the vineyards in the region.  Beginning in the late 1940’s, Sancerre gained popularity as an easy to drink, elegant, and food friendly white wine as it pairs well with fish, cheese and even sushi.

It’s a Zola favorite—light and smooth with low alcohol content and no hint of oak or grassy taste. Always reliable for serving at parties, lunch or dinner (especially a seafood course).  Prices for a good bottle in US usually run in the $25+ range, but lower and higher can also be found. It’s a happy day when a new one is discovered.  Here are a few of the best finds (so far, because the tasting never stops).



Loire Valley, Discover France website ( information on the food, wine, châteaux, music festivals and parks and recreation of Loire Valley)
Wine and Gastronomy:  A Sancerre Way of Life, Visit French Wine website (recommendations on how best to enjoy Sancerre in the Loire Valley)


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Feature photo of grapes courtesy of Pixabay/Pexels CC0

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