In today’s world, it’s just about impossible to find a quiet spot, and that’s because noise pollution has rapidly increased and expanded over the last decades, affecting wildlife and causing serious human health issues.

Gordon Hempton is a ‘sound tracker’, and he travels the world in search of vanishing sounds, including silence.  In the short video documentary, Preserving One Square Inch of Silence, Gordon takes us to a small, quiet spot he discovered in Washington Hoh rainforest, and talks about his commitment to its protection.


Casper Rolsted is a visual artist based in Roskilde, Denmark.  His ‘Silence Project’ is an effort to create a series of films that capture authentic moments within nature by combining soundscapes with visuals, and share the work so that people have a chance to escape the every day stress and noise and to experience natural sounds of silence in beautiful, undisturbed environments.  The Silence of the Dolomites is a video created for the project.  Headphones recommended.


A Zola favorite by The Head And The Heart — Let’s Be Still


Environmental Health Perspectives – Noise Pollution in the United States (Feb 1, 2014, Monica S. Hammer, Tracy K. Swinburn, and Richard L. Neitzel)


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One of the best cures for a stressed-out body and mind is to spend a little quality time in the forest.Forest Therapy:  Discover how a short walk Among The Trees can lift spirits and restore health, and tree climbing provides a feeling of rejuvenation along with a bird’s eye view of the forest



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Feature photo is courtesy of Daniel Bichler/Pexels CC0

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