The goal of this mission is to locate all the mines in the grid (earning points for each successful sweep), but conduct your search carefully.   If you click on a single mine….💥, game is over.  But, that’s ok….try again because you can play this classic game here for free as many times as you like.  Have fun, and let us know how you score.  (Editor’s Note:  If the game music is messing with your concentration, just click/tap the speaker symbol in right top corner to turn it off.)



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Radar feature photo by Flickr user, Ben Frantz Dale, CC BY-SA 2.0

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Posted by Zola Zeester

Zola is a vagabond playmaker, the On2In2™ recreation guru and primary source of inspiration for this article. Currently resides at Zeester Media HQ.


  1. My best score so far = 6,250. Will keep trying, and turning off the battle theme music (click/tap the speaker icon top right corner) may help improve concentration or change luck.

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