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  • “texas’ has become a Norwegian slang word meaning “bonkers;” evidently, the good people of Norway have never heard of Florida.” 🤣 Laughed at this as I grew up in Texas (and I think this means I’m forever a Texan regardless of travels and distance), and now find myself trying to understand and adapt to the Sunshine State. If you don’t have time…[Read more]

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    FYI Flabbies 🍷 Texas Monthly magazine’s list of best Texas wines for Springtime tasting

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    Advice from Lisa Steele, Chicken Keeper and Master Gardener, on how to choose the best chicken breeds for your backyard, plus Lisa’s four season guide to raising chickens is free to download. 🐔

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    “Nothing soothes the soul like a walk on the beach” (beach loving author unknown), and it was a great day for it @robbi Photo: View from a rock ledge on Singer Island beach 4/12/2018

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    Really like the smooth, dreamy vibe of Rhye music, and thought you might also enjoy this candle-lit mini-concert performance 🎶

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    You two must have been hungry as there\’s not much left on the plates. (FYI – Usually people take photo of food before digging in) Don\’t much like the look of that potato salad, but seems you didn\’t either because it\’s one of the few things left. 🍽

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    “She always loved the spring
    That the Irises announced
    Arriving on palates
    Of green and violet
    Promises of tender possibilities”
    by Kim E. Williams from ‘The Voice of the Irises’

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    If you’re anywhere near Napa Valley, California this April, you should try to make it to the ART, SIP & STROLL event in Yountville on April 28. Click on the ‘Explore Yountville’ link to learn more about this special event and Yountville wine tasting.

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  • It was cloudy all day & night yesterday, but could still see the brightly shining Blue Moon. Hope you got a good view. Next full moon is April 29, and go to On2In2™ ‘Moon Gazing’ post to find more info.

  • Recreational swimming can be traced back to prehistoric times.  It became a competitive activity starting in 1830s England, and today, competitive swimming is one of the most popular Olympic sports.

    In […]

  • New to the People & Phones Comedy video channel is ‘Phone Story’, about a guy going thru some stuff as told by his 218 texts and 4 phone calls. Funny.

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  • Twirling is believed to have started with knife, torch and stick tossing performances at dance festivals in Western Europe and Asia, and then began to progress from there as soldiers twirled rifles during […]

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    “Humor is everywhere in that there’s irony in just about anything a human does.” Bill Nye, The Science Guy

  • Before the release of Kacey Musgrave’s new album “Golden Hour” at the end the month, you can listen to all the tracks for FREE via NPR First Listen. Zola gives it 5 stars, and thinks you’ll like it, too. [ you 2 @robbi ] Here’s the link.

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  • And, we can all use more beauty and soothing in our lives right about now! Thanks for you comment, Robbi. Glad you liked the video

  • The ATP Challenger Tour is a series of men’s professional tennis tournaments administered by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP).  The 2018 Challenger Tour calendar includes approximately 150 t […]

  • Oh gosh — a beautiful, long line of brown pelicans just flew by me while sitting on Singer Island, FL balcony. Great to see, but too fast for me to get a photo. The Brown Pelican was delisted from endangered ESA and Florida list in 2017 as the species has recovered from the severe decline that started in 60’s & 70’s, but still part of Florida’s…[Read more]

  • It’s all down hill in alpine skiing, and oh — what a fun ride.
    Fun to watch, too.

    While humans have been sliding down snow covered mountains for thousands of years, skiing as a recreational and competitive […]

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    Did you know? March 20, 2018 is International Astrology Day. Not too late to celebrate with a peak at your horoscope. Found this one in the local paper, and I’m saving it. Wondering whether I should I go for a full reading because would like to know more about the “winning brand” and new “marketing image”. 🦀

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    Dragonfly – symbol of courage, strength, and happiness, and we can all use some of that! Was happy to see this visitor on the balcony, and hoping he’ll be eating lots of mosquitos.

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