You might think you know all about jump rope.  There’s the basic, easy jump rope kids learn at a playground with some cool tricks requiring more skill and experience.  It’s also a great workout as professional trainers and fitness experts often recommend jump rope as an aerobic exercise alternative to running or riding bikes.  Elite jump rope athletes and competitive teams, however, take the technique of the sport to remarkably high levels in single freestyle, single speed, pairs, three person speed (‘double dutch’), and three person freestyle (double dutch freestyle).  Watch them all go like crazy in this 2017 World Jump Rope Federation promo video!

The 2018 World Jump Rope Championship is scheduled to take place July 1-10, 2018 at Orlando, Florida.  We’ll let you know about any live streaming of the competition, so please check back here for updates, or go to the On2In2™ Live Stream Program Guide to see a monthly listing of all live stream events.   


Learn Jump Rope Skills & Tricks (instructions with illustrations and tips for singles, pairs, and double dutch), the American Heart Association
Find yourself a rope & start jumping ⇒  Shop for Jump Ropes   (If you make a purchase directly through this link to Amazon, Zeester Media LLC may earn a small commission. This in no way affects the price you pay for the purchase.)


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Feature photo is courtesy of DOD News, PD (sourced via Wikimedia

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