The James Beard Foundation is a culinary arts non-profit organization that creates programs to help educate people about American cuisine and provide support and promotion to chefs and other industry professionals.  Throughout the year, chefs are invited to “perform” at the Beard House Kitchen by presenting lunches, brunches, workshops, and dinners to Beard foundation members and the public.  If you can’t get there for dinner, or you’re just curious about what goes on behind the scenes, watch a live stream broadcast from the Beard kitchen here On2In2™.  View the Beard House dinner schedule, chef bios and menus → Here

Programming Note:  Scheduling changes or interruptions in the live broadcast are sometimes unavoidable.  If you missed a live broadcast, a video recording can be viewed immediately following the live stream close (Click/Tap “Watch Again” on the Kitchen Cam video player above  ), and more live streaming of In2 the Kitchen programming will be scheduled when events become available for public viewing (Go to JBF Events to find schedule, info on featured chefs and menus.)  Beard House Kitchen dinners are typically prepared 3-4 evenings each week, so please check back for the live action schedule.


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  1. What a show! Love watching the chefs creating their magic in the kitchen.

  2. Día de los Muertos tonight! A chance to see Diego Galicia and Rico Torres of Restaurant Mixtli, San Antonio live in-action at the Beard House Kitchen.

  3. So interesting watching these guys cook.

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