Ever look at a photo and wonder –‘why can’t I do that!?!’  Well, absolutely you can.  Here’s an opportunity to learn from professional photographers and improve your camera skills.

This FREE To WATCH live stream program series, Pro Photo Tips, is filled with ‘how-to’ information and helpful advice for the amateur photographer.  If you miss a live stream broadcast or want to watch a program again, just click/tap the “Watch Again” button located on the media player.

But, First Things First — If you are a beginner, or don’t remember how to work that expensive camera you bought a few years ago, start with some basics.

Lighting Basics Made Easy is a great beginner talk that takes some of the mystery out of lighting with a discussion of the different types of light and their properties, including color temperature, specularity and intensity.  If you missed the live stream broadcast, there’s still time to watch.  Click/tap the “Watch Again’ button on the media player below ↓


Want to come home with vacation photos you can be proud of?   Whether your interests are a casual record of a family holiday, or a serious visual exploration of a place far from home, these practical tips and visual inspiration will help you maximize the quality and quantity of your photographs as well as add to the fun of a travel experience.  If you missed the live stream broadcast of Travel Photographing:  Pre-Trip Planning and Preparation there’s still time to watch a video recording of the presentation.  Just click/tap the “Watch Again” button located on the media player below ↓


At the Photography Workshop:  Sports 102, photographer Marc Farb gives us the inside scoop on how to make images more impactful from capture to final print, whether shooting a professional sports event or the local little league.  If you missed the live stream broadcast, there’s still time to watch a video recording.  Just click/tap the “Watch Again” button on the media player below ↓


We all enjoy capturing a special moment with a photo to share while exploring new places, and travel photography has been popular since the invention of hand-held cameras in the late 19th century because it combines two passions — travel and photography.  David H. Wells, an award-winning internationally travelled publication photographer and veteran photo educator, brings four decades of experience in photography around the globe in this 90 minute presentation, Tools of Travel Photography.

If you missed the live stream broadcast of Tools of Travel Photography, there’s still time to watch a video recording.  Just click/tap the “Watch Again” button located on the media player below ↓








You can expertly mat and mount your photos — saving time and money while having fun, too!  If you missed the live stream broadcast of DIY Matting and Mounting for Photographers, there’s still time to watch a video recording.  Just click/tap the “Watch Again” button  on the media player below to learn valuable mat cutting techniques, including how to properly measure and calculate border sizes, cut single and double mats, and t-hinge mount photos into finished mats.



Watch this how-to seminar on astrophotography techniques and equipment, and take better photos of the night skyPros give advice on how to take great photos of the night sky in a FREE To WATCH, info-video series → Shooting Stars



A photographer shares technique and processes for taking the best photographs.Professional photographers share their work, inspiration and creative ideas in a series of free-to-watch live stream broadcasts and video presentations → Inspired Photography



Photographers tell their stories and share their work and inspiration in this On2In2™ collection of videos.Photographers tell their inspiring stories in this On2In2™ collection of short video documentaries → → Watch: Photography






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Feature photo courtesy of Pixabay/Pexels CC0

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