How To Edit Your Engage Profile

You can edit your On2In2™ Engage member profile at any time.  Here’s a friendly user guide on how it works.

First, log-in to Engage (using your Username & password), and then click on “Profile” (from the Engage drop down).  You’ll see two rows of buttons below your cover and profile photos (image above is a screen shot of Zola Zeester’s profile as an example of how the two rows of buttons should appear after clicking on “Profile”).

The first row of buttons are the various Engage social networking tool pages that allow sharing and communicating within the On2In2™ Engage community:  Activity, Profile, Notifications, Messages, Friends, Groups, and Settings.

The second row of buttons are the separate functions for each of those pages.  Whenever you click on the “Profile” button in the top row of buttons, you should see in the second row of buttons:  View, Edit, Change Profile Photo and Change Cover Image (as shown in the Zola Zeester profile example above).  These buttons are all the things you can do within your Profile page.

Now, click on the “View” button (located on second row of buttons) to see how your profile appears to other On2In2™ Engage members.  How does it look?  Does it really tell us about you, your hobbies and special interests?  Remember, this is your introduction to the On2In2™ Engage community, and just like any social gathering (whether online or off), people want to know something about who you are, what interests they may have in common with you, and what experience and know-how you can share in the pursuit of recreation and adventure.



To edit your profile, click on the “Edit” button (located on the second row of buttons), and the edit page containing all the profile fields should appear (See below “Editing ‘Base’ Profile Group” — this image is a screen shot of the top half of the page, showing only “About You & Your Avocation” and “Top 2 Recreation Activities” profile fields).  Make your changes to any of the profile fields seen on this page, and then click on the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page.

You’ll notice under each profile field → “This field can be seen by: [All Members]”.  “All Members” is a setting that allows only On2In2™ Engage members to see that particular profile field (it’s the preference selected by Zola Zeester).  If you click on the “Change” button at the end of the line, a drop down will appear that allows you to select your preference for “who can see this field” in your profile (the image you see to the left is a screen shot of the drop down).  “Everyone” means that all website visitors may be able to view the profile field, “Only Me” makes the information in the field private, and “My Friends” allows only your Engage Friends to view.  Click on your selection, close the drop down, and don’t forget to click on the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page. [FYI – An “Only Me” viewer preference selection for profile fields cannot guarantee strict privacy.  In fact, it’s best to simply not include information you consider confidential within your profile fields, and not use the “Only Me” as a selection because it limits your ability to engage with other members. [Learn more → Privacy & Security]  Regardless of preference selections, Engage members are prohibited from including offensive, obscene, or harassing content and images anywhere within the On2In2™ website and Engage member social profiles, postings, communications and comments, (Terms of Service).]



You might want to add a profile photo, too.  (In the screen shot image of Zola Zeester’s profile at top of this page, you can see the On2In2™ “Find Your Fun – Live It” logo was selected as Zola’s profile photo).  Photos and images selected for profiles must comply with On2In2™ rules that prohibit animated images as well as anything offensive, obscene, or harassing (Terms of Service).  First, click on the “Change Profile Photo” button (located in the second row of buttons) to get to the “Change Profile Photo” page (See below a screen shot image of the “Change Profile Photo” page).  Select an image or photo from the photo file on your computer or phone to upload.  If it doesn’t look right, do some re-sizing of the file photo and try again. (FYI –  Zola used a 500px square image for the profile photo)  If you don’t add a profile photo, an avatar is randomly inserted in the space.


How to add a cover image.  The cover image is the photo appearing on top of your Profile (the ‘header’).  It’s the place to get creative and express yourself (Zola Zeester chose an image of a neon sign).  Be mindful of the rules –Photos and images selected for cover images must comply with  On2In2™ rules that prohibit anything offensive, obscene, or harassing (Terms of Service).  Click on the “Change Cover Image” button (located in the second row of buttons), and the “Change Cover Image” page should appear.  (See below a screen shot image of the “Change Cover Image” page)  Photo selection and upload work similar to the Change Profile Photo page (i.e., select a photo or image from the photo file on your computer or phone), and includes fairly good instructions, including photo minimum size of 900px by 225px.

Copyright, Trademark and Privacy.  Do not use a photo or image as a cover image or profile photo that may violate another person’s publicity rights or right to privacy, or infringe on intellectual property rights, e.g., copyright and trademark (Terms of Service: Policy on Copyright and Trademark).  In simpler words (or at least another way of saying it), the photos and images you use in your profile should be by you and/or of you (it’s your photo, not a photo of Beyoncé you found on the internet), or it’s an image you have designed/created or have been given permission to use by the person who did create it (you design a personal logo or avatar or create some digital art, or the copyright owner of that cool looking art work you saw on the internet gives you permission to use it).


If you have questions or experience problems with the Engage social networking tools (as with everything digital, sometimes there’s a glitch), please let us know and we’ll try to help. You can direct message @zeester via Engage (click on “Message” in the first row of buttons and “Compose” in the second row) or go to the On2In2™ contact page here → Contact  Us

And, thanks again for joining the fun here at On2In2™ Engage.  We look forward to connecting up and exploring with you.  L, Zola



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