There are no strangers here;  Only friends you haven’t yet met. —William Butler Yeats

The best part of any journey——the people you meet along the way.  Join Zola & a growing On2In2™ community of fun-loving cohorts in conversation and collaboration via especially designed “Engage” social networking features that make it easy for you to connect, share an experience and know-how, and exchange ideas with like-minded enthusiasts.

First, sign up using this registration form  The process is pretty quick & simple.  In order to beef up security and keep out spammers and website destroying bots, On2In2™ recently added a security review process to all new Engage registrations.  Consequently, there’s a little bit of a wait before registration is completed, and a new member will not be able to use all the Engage social tools until the membership account is approved.  Once approved, you’ll receive an email to let you know you’re all set to join the fun using these Engage social networking tools:

  • Create a personal profile
  • Find friends, connect and follow
  • Join and/or create special interest groups
  • Message directly and privately
  • Communicate online in real-time via On2Chat (group conferencing and instant messaging)
  • Post comments; share photos, video & activity updates
  • Receive activity notifications

The “User Guide” page provides more information on how things work and an instructional guide to using the Engage social networking tools as well as a short list of On2In2™ Engage community rules and requirements.  Take a look at On2In2™ Terms of Service for more specifics related to On2In2™ website policies.

Need help? If you have questions or experience problems with the Engage social networking tools (as with everything digital, sometimes there’s a glitch), please let us know and we’ll try to help.  Registered Engage members can direct message @zeester via Engage, and all website visitors can contact On2In2™ here → Contact  Us


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