Dull Men Have Hobbies

In “Born to be Mild” from Aeon Video, members of the Dull Men’s Club share thoughts and experiences about finding enjoyment in everyday life and ordinary things and a passion for slow paced adventure, including roundabouting and escalator riding.  Proving Dave Barry’s theory that  “hobbies of any kind are boring except to people who have the same hobby”, their stories are engaging and funny.


BORN TO BE MILD –“There’s a lot to be said about being dull.”

In case you’re wondering—–yes, there really is a Dull Men’s Club (for the “dull and the proud”) and a book, “Dull Men of Great Britain“.  The club website is full of hobby ideas in various categories (e.g. “Safe Excitement”), and provides helpful informational resources for unusual leisure activities.



A collector's passion can get out of control at times, but it's also a hobby that many people enjoy.A diverse group of engaging collectors
share their stories about lifelong passions for objects
in this collection of short videos:  Collector Confessions 




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Feature photo is a clip taken from the “Born to be Mild” video

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Posted by Zola Zeester

Zola is a vagabond playmaker, the On2In2™ recreation guru and primary source of inspiration for this article. Currently resides at Zeester Media HQ.