Aerial dance is a form of modern dance recognized since the 1970’s.  Choreography involves an apparatus (e.g. trapeze, fabric, hoop, wheel, counterweight, rope) that allows dancers to perform in three dimension and explore innovative vertical and horizontal movement.

California vertical dance company, BANDALOOP, turns the dance floor upside-down during both indoor and outdoor performances that seamlessly combine physicality, choreography and the art of climbing on skyscrapers, bridges, billboards, and rock cliffs.  In the short video, SHIFT, the sport of rock climbing and dance are beautifully merged by BANDALOOP in three separate wilderness performances on landmark rock faces within Yosemite National Park, including Mount Watkins.  It’s a show of breathtaking skill and artistry.



Dancers fly 40 feet above the ground and dance on a wall in Aerial Dance, an outdoor performance presented by the Department of Theater, Dance and Film Studies, Washington and Lee University.  If you missed the May 18 live broadcast, you can view a video recording of the performance and learn more about the aerial dance program at W&L university website → HERE


Classes for Beginners in Boulder, Colorado [Frequent Flyers® Production, a non-profit dance theater organization with a mission to promote the artistry of aerial dance, offers a variety of classes for adults and youth/teens]

2017 Irish Aerial Dance Fest (May 28 – June 10, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal)  A variety of high flying entertainment, classes and training courses at this annual festival organized by Fidget Feet, an aerial circus company from Ireland

2017 Aerial Dance Festival  (July 30 – August 11, Boulder, Colorado)  Event includes classes, lectures/demonstrations, informal discussions, and performances, organized by Frequent Flyers® Production

European Aerial Dance Festival 2017 (August 8-19, At The Point, Eastleigh, UK) Aerial dance for people at all levels and ability, presented by Gravity & Levity, project-based, collaborative dance company

Les Rencontres Danse Aeriennes (July 17-19,  2017, Saint-Nazaire, France) Festival offers courses at different levels for adults, children, and people with disabilities

BANDALOOP – information on upcoming aerial dance performances and workshops, plus video of past performances

Yosemite National Park – Nearly 1,200 square miles of waterfalls, deep valleys, grand meadows, ancient giant sequoias, a vast wilderness area, and much more


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Feature photo courtesy of Mariano Ruffa/Pexels CC0

Posted by Zola Zeester

Zola is a vagabond playmaker, the On2In2™ recreation guru and primary source of inspiration for this article. Currently resides at Zeester Media HQ.