Chamber music is any art music traditionally performed within a large room by a small number of musicians, and it’s this intimate setting that resulted in chamber music being referred to as “the music of friends”.  Prior to the 19th century, the ‘friends’ of chamber music included royalty, aristocrats and their employee-composers, and performances were strictly a private affair in ‘chamber’ rooms of a palace, mansion, or manor house.  The evolution of chamber music began as social orders throughout Europe changed and improvements were made in tone, volume and power of string instruments, allowing for public performances in large halls and an expanded repertoire of techniques for composers.  And, it continues today with influences from other music genres and innovative new music that often challenges the established fundamental characteristics of chamber music.


Since 1969, the Chamber Music Society Lincoln Center (CMS) has brought the experience of chamber music to the general public with a wide variety of concert series and educational programs for listeners of all ages and sensibilities.

The CMS 2017-18 live stream season includes a revolving multi-generational and international roster of some of the world’s finest chamber musicians in concert, recitals, special classes and lecture series. Great for listening and learning!

Late Night Rose concerts express the spirit of intimacy between musician and listener with chamber music classics and novelties in a cabaret-style setting.  New Music programs bring together some of today’s finest living composers, allowing listeners to experience musical innovation.

Live stream broadcasts of CMS 2017-18 season performances are scheduled throughout the year (with a break during summer and fall). Check dates and times on the media players below.  If you miss a live performance, you can watch recordings of performances by clicking on the player button ➡ located in the center of each media player below.

Programming Note:  Sometimes it happens — scheduling changes or technical interruptions in the live broadcast.  Please check back for live action updates, and take a look at the Live Stream Program Guide for more On2In2™ program streaming info.





Watch and listen On2In2™ live streaming of concerts featuring classical musicWant more music?  Take a look to see what’s live streaming at the Detroit Orchestra Symphony  concert hall




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Feature photo of Orava string quartet is courtesy of Flickr user, Ryan Egan, CC BY-NC 2.0

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