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Beer has been brewing on this planet for many thousands of years, believed to have started at the time cereal grains were first farmed (≅ 9500 BC), and is considered by some historians to be nutritional refreshment integral to the establishment of ancient civilizations and development of technologies. About 3000 BC, domestic brewing expanded throughout Europe by Germanic and Celtic tribes. The first record of hops as an ingredient in brewing was much later in Europe 822.

Today, beer ranks third (behind water and tea) as the most widely consumed beverage throughout the world, and is sometimes referred to as “liquid bread” as it can contain good amounts of nutrients, including B vitamins, magnesium, selenium, potassium, phosphorus, biotin, and chromium. However, the main active component of beer is alcohol, and that cancels out nutritional benefits when more than small quantities are consumed and creates long and short term health risks as does all alcoholic drinks.

Beer Making @ Home

Homebrewing is legal in most countries, but best to research prior to embarking on your beer making adventure as there are some prohibitions as well as limitations and restrictions.  In the United States, federal laws restricting homebrewing were repealed in 1978;  however, states and local governments retain the authority to enact homebrewing laws and regulations.

Brewing your own beer instead of buying a couple of six-packs can save some money, but the primary reason there are so many homebrewers is that it is just a lot of fun cooking up different and unique types, styles and flavors.  You can give it a go (or inspire a friend) for less than $35 with Stephen and Erica’s Everyday IPA Beer Making Kit.  It’s perfect for brewing beginners, and makes 1 gallon of 6.8% Alcohol-by-Volume beer (9-10 12-oz bottles) with a taste that harmonizes fragrant grapefruit with bright bitterness, making it great for hop heads as well as first time IPA drinkers.  They’ve also published a book that includes 52 recipes for small batches “Brooklyn Brew Shop’s Beer Making Book“. But, before you jump in, recommend you watch the video Brooklyn Brewing for inspiration.  Prost! 



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This book by James Morton “Brew: The Foolproof Guide to Making World Class Beer at Home” will take your brewing skills to another level of taste. Click/Tap on the “Brew” book image to check it out and purchase.



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Feature photo:  The “Toast” to beer feature photo is courtesy of Wil Stewart/Unsplash.  German culture requires a personal toast to each and every person at the table prior to drinking even one small sip of alcohol, and failure to do so is considered rude and bad luck.

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