In arm wrestling, strength and technique are the major factors in winning a match, but it also has strict competition rules. Here’s a summary of some basics (sourced from the World Armwrestling League website)

• Both players must be square to the arm wrestling table prior to start of the match
• Players’ shoulders should not be less than a fist distance apart from their hands
• ‘Ready and Go” from the referee starts the match
• A player can touch any part of the other player’s fingers, forearm or wrist, but cannot touch his/her own body with hands
• If players’ grip falls apart, it’s placed in alignment again
• A player will be disqualified after committing a foul three times
• All decisions made by the referee are final


If you missed the live action, there’s still time to watch a video recording of the Arnold Classic Australia arm wrestling competition.  Click/Tap “Watch Again” ↓
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