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This whole thing was inspired in one of those crazy brainstorm moments ‘I’ve got an idea!’ (you know, you’ve had them, too), but from the start, there was a clear vision of On2In2™ as a multimedia platform with creative ideas and content, collaborative and social connectivity, and user-friendly design.  All for the sole purpose of FUN.  Yes, just fun things to see, do, share, explore and enjoy. Simple as that because we all need to escape from the complexities of life now and again.  Of course, the development of the vision into digital reality was not simple as there were many challenges along the way and still much work to be done, but can’t stop smiling at how far it’s come and the potential for more ahead…….really, the party is just getting started.

The On2In2™ goal is to provide the best online and mobile access to the people, places and things you most enjoy.  We know there’s a lot of stuff out there consuming your time (most likely, not in a good way), and you have many social media choices; so we are happy you found us, and hope you like the unique On2In2™ experience.


FIRST STEP—Browse, baby. Find Some Fun!

The On2In2™ website is organized into 6 main topics of interest (“categories”): MEDIA MIX – CHALLENGE –  CREATE – EXPERIENCEENLIGHTENCULTIVATE as well as dozens of specific sub-categories (e.g. Video; Adventure; Visual Arts; Exploration), and each shows up as a tab in the main menu located at the top.

• Click on one of the category or subcategory tabs in the main menu, and a great looking dropdown will appear showing all the articles and media related to that specific topic of interest.

• Then, START clicking on anything and everything, and you’re on your way to finding some fun.

EXPLORE  For a unique mega search, try the super cool [ 🔍 Explore ] feature at top right (above the main menu).  When clicked, a dropdown appears with a “Search” box (type in your topic of interest) and buttons for all the subject categories, tags and archives, allowing you to search the entire On2In2™ website for articles using search terms as well as select targeted topics of interest and archived posts.

→ ENGAGE It’s just not as much fun without friends to share in the experience. The “Engage” tab at top left (above the main menu) takes you to the On2In2™ social spot, where you can connect, collaborate, share know-how and exchange ideas with people who share similar interests in hobby, sport and recreation.  Join in the conversations by registering (here), and start mingling.     

SHOP  There’s an online store (Gear & Gizmos) on the “Shop Here ” page.  Find it at the “Shop” tab at top left of each page (above the main menu).  Also, clicking on the green “Open” sign located below in the footer, will take you to the same shopping page.  


Want to know more about what’s happening On2In2™ ?  Sure you do!  Come along on this freewheeling journey, and get into the action.  It’s free & easy to SIGN UP for email Newsletter delivery.  If you are a Twitter or Instagram user, we’re there, too.  Connect with @On2In2 via  Twitter and Instagram.



Live and work but do not forget to play, to have fun in life and really enjoy it. — Eileen Caddy


On2In2 Fun by Zeester Media


On2In2.com is owned and operated by Zeester Media LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, and managed from the home office in Austin, Texas.  If you have an idea about a creative, collaborative project or want to discuss advertising/marketing opportunities, please contact yolo@zeestermedia.com.




Zola Zeester enjoying a banana at the office, photo courtesy of Gratisography CC0



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